Vocational Questions

How much will this program cost my family?

High school students do not pay any tuition for either the automotive technology or welding technology program. Your home high school absorbs the cost of tuition. Each student pays a nominal fee for uniforms and books for automotive technology, and there is a book fee for welding technology, along with a cost for a welding kit.

Who is eligible for either of these programs?

Any high school junior or senior that is enrolled in one of the 10 high schools that comprise the North Central Area Vocational Cooperative are eligible (Argos, Rochester, Triton, John Glenn, Plymouth, LaVille, Oregon-Davis, Knox, North Judson-San Pierre and Culver).

What if my son/daughter is home-schooled?

A home-schooled student living in the Argos, Rochester, Triton, John Glenn, Plymouth, LaVille, Oregon-Davis, Knox, North Judson-San Pierre or Culver school districts is eligible to attend either of our vocational high school programs, but they may be responsible for payment of tuition in those cases. Contact SCILL's office for more information.

Can my son/daughter enroll if they live outside the boundaries of the North Central Area Vocational Cooperative?

Students living outside NCAVC's boundaries can attend either vocational program. Call SCILL at (574) 772-8001 for more information.

Who provides transportation to the vocational programs?

Each student provides their own transportation; however, many of our students share rides with written permission of each student’s parent/guardian.

All of the schools are on different calendars. Which calendar does SCILL follow?

Because Knox High School is our host school, SCILL follows their calendar, which can be found on the Knox High School website.

Do the vocational programs offer dual credit?

Yes, both automotive technology and welding technology students receive dual credit from Ivy Tech Community College at no cost to the student. Those credits can be used at the issuing institutions or can be transferred to other institutions of higher learning. In addition to dual credit, we have articulation agreements with many institutions of higher learning, including training schools.

Do all of your graduates go directly into the workplace in automobile repair or welding?

In some cases, students in either vocational high school program can go directly into the workplace. A majority of our automotive technology students go on to additional training or education. Others have gone into careers in areas such as HVAC, diesel repair, the military or engineering, in part due to the types of training SCILL provides. Both programs include internships with area employers.

My son/daughter participates in extracurricular activities. Do they have to drop out of those activities to be in these vocational programs?

No. In fact, the opposite is true. We know that both colleges and employers appreciate a well-rounded student or employee, so we encourage our students to be involved.

My son/daughter is working toward an Academic Honors diploma. Do they have to give up that diploma to attend a vocational program?

Absolutely not, as each vocational program earns a student three high school credit hours. Those hours apply toward any type of diploma.

Adult Training

What programs does SCILL offer?

SCILL has offered a number of programs in the past and continues to offer a variety of programs. The programs that are offered change according to the need and input of the community, so consult this website for which programs are currently offered or will be in the future.

If I complete the Beginning Welding program, will I be employable?

In our immediate area and nationally, there is an acute need for qualified welders. Our participants submit welding coupons in an effort to earn American Welding Society (AWS) certifications. Even if participants do not become certified, they can still find many welding opportunities and/or go on to additional specialized training in our Step-Up training class or at other schools.

What is the Step-Up welding class?

The Step-Up class is a highly individualized welding training program. Participants run the gamut from someone who wants to learn the basics of welding for home or hobby to someone with experience who wants to advance into more specialized areas or obtain American Welding Society (AWS) certifications. Tuition is based on an evaluation by the instructor, who determines how many weeks of training will be necessary for that participant to reach the skill or certification level they desire.

How much do these programs cost?

Each program has a different cost associated with it; call SCILL for additional information.

Is there any tuition assistance available for these programs?

We work very closely with WorkOne to ensure our eligible students can earn a voucher to pay for their training. If you're interested, apply at your local WorkOne office or contact SCILL at (574) 772-8001 for more information.

If I take this training, are there jobs available in these fields?

SCILL has researched the local, regional and national need and value of any program it undertakes. SCILL also works with area employers to see what their needs are. Although there are no guarantees that you'll receive a job after completing this training, you'ill leave the program with job skills that should help you find suitable employment.

Does SCILL help with job placement?

Most of the SCILL training programs have built-in job fairs, resume writing help, and mock job interviews. Our goal is for our participants to go directly from their training into their new career. In most areas, if a student requires or desires additional training, we furnish that training.

Industry Training

Do you have a list of offerings for businesses?

No. Our training for industry is on an individualized basis. If your company has specific training needs, contact us and we can customize it. We can also offer individualized computer training on-site or at an off-site training facility.

Who do you use for your industrial training?

We are in such an ideal geographical location that we can pull in the expertise of a variety of educational institutions, along with professional services from the area. Contact us to fit your training needs.

Miscellaneous Questions

You offer computer software training classes. How often do you offer them, and what classes are available?

We offer a variety of computer software training classes. You can check our schedule of computer classes by accessing that section of our website or visiting the Library website. The classes vary, but if you have a specific class that you would like to see taught or you have an interest in teaching a class, please contact us. If there is enough interest, we will offer it. Currently, these classes are held at Knox High School.

Are there any new (non-training) classes being offered in the future?

We are always looking at new programng. Check our website or the Library’s website to keep up to date on what is offered. Contact us if you have an interest in classes regarding any other subject.